One Domino Goes Down Then They All Hit The Ground

Love Music is my whole Life *-* ,Animals Dinosaurs,Zombies,Candies,Bracelets,also love to play the guitar,the drums,piano.,singin.. Mohawks,Beards,Bonfires,phtotography, Boots.. Ke$ha is my Idol ..Avril Lavigne <3 ChesterBennington and Christofer Drew are the best :D I could go on and on with my likes but let's keep this thing move :B ..---> PEACE - LOVE -MUSIC -WE R FUCKIN FREE SO GET OUT THERE'S AN ENTIRE WORLD WAITIN 4 U LET'S GET ROWDY!!!!!!!!!!!! free counters
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Hell’s gonna be one big party. I’ll bring the chips and dip! 
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